Summer 2018 Bowling Leagues

Summer is upon us, and so are summer bowling leagues!

For this season, we will be hosting one league - a Mixed League - and it will be held on Wednesday nights at 6pm starting June 13th. The league will compete weekly through the summer, concluding at the end of August. It will last roughly 10 weeks. 

Teams in this league must be comprised of 4 adult bowlers (18+), and at least one person on the team must be the opposite sex of someone else on the team. Bowling each night is $20 per person for 3 games, including shoes. 

Registration instructions: 

Fill out the form below to register your team of 4. Only registrations including the full names and email addresses of all members of the team will be accepted. Once all spots are filled, we'll create a waitlist—and don't worry, spots do tend to open up! You can also sign up to be a substitute bowler on Substitute Bowlers @ THE BARN on Facebook.

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